Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Relief Chalk Art Poster

Creating my own art for my home is something that gives me the perfect excuse to experiment with different techniques and today I am sharing my masking glue experiment, which also gave me an excuse to get out the art materials from the days of GCSE project work!

What I Used:
Art Paper
Masking Fluid
Chalk Pastels
Sharpie/Pencil/Fine Paintbrush

I started with the phrase/wording that I wanted to be predominant on the paper - I'd overheard this on TV the other day and thought it would be perfect, so sketched a handwriting style, traced with Sharpie to use as my template, but you can easily use a print-out or photocopy of text, patterns or drawings that you would like to use:
Next, straight on to creating the relief on your print paper.  
I picked up this bottle of masking fluid in HobbyCraft:
Before heading straight into using the glue to trace the handwriting, I wanted to get a quick feel
 for how easily the glue was to use with a paintbrush and what to expect in terms of coats and 
drying time, so made a quick star pattern on paper:
A healthy coating was required - if your text/pattern is fine, I'd recommend layering,
rather than loading your paintbrush - it took only 5 minutes to dry, into a sheen:
I then added a stripe of blue paint to the top and then used water to graduate in an ombre effect
 to the bottom:
The masking glue stops the paint transferring:
....and once the paint is dry, the masking glue can be removed.
It peels away easily and leaves a relief effect:
Time to start the print.  Using the pen template underneath, I traced the text:
I went one word at a time, layering the masking glue as I went and left to dry completely:
...and the Sun made an appearance to help!
Next, on to the background colour.  Or colours.  I couldn't decide, so went all out for a rainbow effect, using artists pastels as they are easy to blend, but highly pigmented to create a high impact of colour:
As using pastels is different to the fluidity of paint, when hitting areas of the masking glue, 
I was careful not to use the pastel directly over the top [this could remove it], instead using 
my finger to smudge the colour around the glue:
...or enlisting the help of cotton buds to help create an even distribution of colour:
Once complete, the masking glue can be removed:
For this, I used tweezers to help, slowly peeling from one end of text to the other:
....until completely removed, revealing a relief text print:
Ready to hang:
[with my favourite, washi tape]:
I'm going to be using this technique to create some more subtle and larger prints - I'm thinking graduated pastel backgrounds with flocks of birds made from the masking fluid - I'll let you know how it goes.  If you've ever fancied having an experiment with this technique, do try it - I used such a small amount of the masking fluid, it's going to last for many a DIY!

P.S - Dont forget to enter the TTSM giveaway if you haven't already!

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Monday, 1 September 2014

Two | a Birthday Giveaway

Happy Monday!  Today, TTSM is two.

This is a perfect excuse to eat cake all day, which I am.
Last year, for my first blogging birthday, I set some resolutions which I think I kind-of, sort-of kept to.  I bought myself a camera [you probably didn't notice] and I have tried to improve my photography, but where this has happened sometimes, I think this might be down to luck and fluke, rather than skill.  I've also tried new crafts [paper cutting and more recently honeycomb] and this is something I intend to focus even more on for my third year of blogging.  Finally, I set myself some consistency challenges, trying to find a balance between setting goals to make more and regular blogging.  Around the New Year, I started blogging three times a week and this became a little personal goal, which I've managed to keep to [give or take one week or two] until today.  I have to be honest, this hasn't been easy - but I've enjoyed having this self-inflicted goal to focus on.  So, here's to year three!
I mentioned in my first ever post that TTSM was not my first [nor second or third] attempt at blogging and the reason I have been able to keep this one up, I think, is due to the fab online community.  Thank you so much for your comments, tweets, emails and for every time you share my posts.  
Raising my coffee/cocktail [depending on your time of day...or maybe not as far as the cocktail is concerned] to you xxxx


Finally - GIVEAWAY TIME!  I thought I'd offer something to celebrate and this is the online version of taking cupcakes in to work/school for your birthday.  

Ever fancied making Papercut artwork, Honeycomb decorations, bracelets, pinboards, tote bags or stationery toppers?  Now is your chance to win the project materials - the winner of this giveaway will win everything required to make the TTSM DIY craft project of their choice!  Any craft project DIY on this blog - if you fancy giving it a go but don't have the materials - you can win them! [If I have set the Rafflecopter form correctly - let me know if you have any problems!]

These are the mandatory entries:

Leave a blog comment, telling me the craft DIY you would like to win

Follow @ThingsSheMakes on Twitter  [if you don't already - tut! ;)] and then

Tweet: "I want to win the TTSM DIY craft post of my choice giveaway! #TTSMgiveaway"

Optional extra entries are to:

also like The Things She Makes on Facebook, Bloglovin and Pinterest

I'd like to open this up to all areas of the internet - so here is the small print:
  • It cannot be a food/baking post - unfortunately, this would rule out overseas entries, so please make sure the project you want to try is craft :)
  • The giveaway will close on Sunday, 28th September.  Make sue you get your entries in by then!
  • Of course, you can change your mind if you are the winner and find a different craft project you would like to try than originally posted!  If i am unable to send you part of the project materials due to shipping regulations, I will contact you to let you know, or offer you the chance to choose a different project.
  • The value of the project materials will not exceed £50.
  • If I am unable to buy you the same materials as I have used, I will find you the nearest alternative I can.
  • Rafflecopter will do the honours in choosing a winner, which I will announce back here, on the 29th September.
  • Any questions - please do ask!
Good Luck!

Friday, 29 August 2014

Diamond Honeycomb

This honeycomb decoration making malarky is addictive.  Here's the third and final [for now] honeycomb experiment - a diamond honeycomb decoration.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Honeycomb Wrapping

Yesterday, I posted about my first attempt at honeycomb decorations.  Strangely therapeutic and therefore, I made more.  Today, here's how to create fabric versions to embellish and dress up presents.