Saturday, 25 October 2014

Ghost Cake Pops

Add a bit of spook to desserts or to your treat stash with these simple and easy cake pops.

What I Used:
White Rolling Icing
Black Icing
Skewers / Cake Pop Sticks

To start, you need to turn your sponge into crumb.  I used *cough* pre-made *cough* cupcakes.  
For quantities, or if you make your sponge in cupcake cases, I tend to go for around 1/2 a 
cupcake for each cake pop.  Once broken into crumb form, add buttercream [make this at the butter:icing sugar ration your like to taste - to help the cake pops keep their shape, I make my buttercream quite firm with a higher ratio of icing sugar.  
Mix until fully combined and then being packing your mixture into a dough:
Begin taking sections of the doug and rolling in to balls of the size you want.  If you are near any poundland, the Jane Asher section has some brilliant finds - like these cake pop moulds, which I found to make the perfect size for me:
Arrange on a tray or board and add your cake pop sticks to the bottoms.  Add a little buttercream to the ends to help keep them in place.  As the weight of the icing later will be more than the usual chocolate, I added extra strength by melting a little white chocolate and allowing this to set around the base:

Rest in the fridge for around 15 minutes and in the meantime, we can begin preparing the rolling icing.
Roll out to a thin thickness [mine were no more than 2mm] and with a large circle cutter 
[mine was 3 7/8 inches] make your rounds.  Due to the thin consistency of the icing, they may be hard to remove from your surface - but use a knife to help and do not worry about the circle loosing its shape too much - if anything, this will add to the effect later.  
Set your circles aside and, if needed, pop in the fridge to firm.
The cake pops should be ready to remove from the fridge and begin decorating.  To help, I added candle stones to a tumbler to hold the cake pop sticks in place.  Adding a little melted chocolate to the top of the cake pop, I then added the circle of icing over, pushing the sides gently towards the base of the cake pop, allowing it to fold and create the effect of a flowing sheet:
[If you are at all worried about the weight of the icing, or feel your cake pop start to be weighed down, flip the cake pop over to rest on a plate until the chocolate fully sets - pop in the fridge again if this helps.  This will act as a barrier and stop the cake pop stick making its way through the cake pop to the top!]

Once the icing is added, use the end of a skewer to make markings for eyes and then add black icing to define them:
Your [slightly cute] ghost cake pops are complete.  Perfect treats!
More Halloween treats?
Tomorrow - I'm making the most of my icing experiment lessons with some Halloween Iced Biscuits.
see you next time x

Friday, 24 October 2014

Balloon and Tassel Ghosts

 ....a ghost / alien hybrid.  Why not?

This is really easy craft that can have quite a big impact in your halloween decorating

What I Used:
White Balloons
White Tissue Paper
Scissors / String / Sticky Tape / Sharpie

For the ghost faces, blow up your balloons:
[that's about as hard as that bit gets]
  To create the tassel, fold your tissue paper:
 Make cuts from one end to at least 3/4cm from the top in lines as random as you like
[the closer together the cuts, the more full the tassel will seem]:
Unfold and separate your tissue paper.
Layer your sheets [I kept around 3 sheets per layer] and fix together to create a fuller tassel:

...add some double sided tape to the top and then stick to the base of the balloon:
[clear sticky tape will also do the job a treat]
To create eyes [if you don't have black stickers to hand], colour a sticker in black Sharpie, 
cut and add to the balloon:

Finally, to create your hanging, thread the string through the centre 
of some sticky tape and attach to the top:
...and your spooky balloon decorations are ready to hang and .............
scare? confuse? start a conversation?
...more ghosts, of the cake pop kind, tomorrow!
see you next time x

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Halloween Bat Brad & Thread Art

  In my slight obsessive mission to re-create nail and thread art with as many different materials as possible, the most popular alternative was brad and thread, which I used to create a simple diamond.
Today, I'm showing how the same technique can be used for a slightly different shape - the bat.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Teacake Ghosts and Spiders

 Oooooh - you didn't really think I was done, did you?
Here are some real treats to give out this Halloween.  I'm slightly updating my ghost teacakes from a couple of years ago and adding spiders to the mix.  Don't eat them all yourself, now.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Pumpkin Honeycomb Decorations

Learning how to create honeycomb decorations has been a bit of a revelation to me [I made tissue paper decorations here, here and with felt, here] - so I'm making more for Halloween decor and if you fancy it, I guarantee its much simpler than you may think! [also, strangely therapeutic].