Saturday, 19 April 2014

Rocky Road Easter Nests

 Sometimes, you cannot beat the classics and for Easter, this means chocolate cereal nests to me.

If you can't decide between fillings, decorations, cornflake or shredded wheat nests, join me in making it all in one easy tray [no-]bake.

What I Used:
6 Shredded Wheat
1 Tray [the tray I was using for my bake] full of cornflakes
300 g chocolate
1 pack Mini Eggs
1 pack of mini marshmallows
1 pack of chocolate eggs
1 pack of Malteasers bunnies

I'm pretty sure you know the drill, so I'll let the photos do the talking, but in short, I melted all the chocolate and added it to two separate bowls: one with the Shredded Wheat in, one with everything else [cornflakes, chocolate, marshmallows, maltesters] and gave both bowls a good stir to coat everything in the chocolate:
I transferred the cornflake mixture in to a deep tray and then took spoonfuls of the Shredded Wheat mixture and placed them on top as the nests:
Using the back of the spoon to shape the nests, I then added mini eggs to finish:
Leave the whole thing to set, or pop in the fridge to quicken the process before cutting in to generous portions.  Easter complete!
Hope you are having a great weekend.
see you next time x

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Chocolate Meringue Nests

Last year, I made some simple meringue nests to present my mini eggs in for Easter and that post remains one of my most popular throughout the year, so I thought I would update it a little with a little inspiration from the Meringue Girls to colour them and a little added decoration.

I made my meringue mixture using the same ratios as the previous meringue posts - 1 white egg to 40g caster sugar.  Piping the nests, I made a range of sizes using a large round nozzle.... 
and then sprinkled the tops and sides with a little cocoa powder to colour them and covered the tops with a few chocolate sprinkles for extra decoration:
 Pop in a low heat oven for around 40minute - 1 hour:
...before filling with mini eggs:
If these are travelling anywhere, pop a little melted chocolate in the bottom before adding the eggs to hold them in place [not too hot though - it will dissolve the meringue!]
If you are going all out, these would be prefect little desserts with either a scoop of ice-cream [chocolate would be perfect!] in the base with chocolate eggs to decorate the tops, or a little chocolate cream.
see you next time x

Monday, 14 April 2014

Open Easter Eggs

You know this week is mainly going to be about Chocolate, don't you? :)

Someone in my family started a 'no more Easter Eggs' rule a few years ago.  Definitely not me.  So I completely ignore this and usually make something like Easter Chocolate Bark, Biscuits and Nests, however; this year I spotted this collection of Egg moulds in Poundland:
... and decided to have a go at making my own Easter Eggs which I could then keep and eat all on my own*.  It also gave me a chance to try out these milk chocolate Candy Buttons, which I picked up in The Range [for about half the price of Candy Melts]:
I have been gathering a nice little collection of Eastery treats for weeks now and the beauty of making your own eggs, is that you can tailor the decoration, flavours and fillings to whoever the fuss-pot is that you are making them for - I decided to treat three of my favourite people with three tailored open eggs - half an egg, filled with their favourite treats:
Making the eggs is nowhere near as scary as you may think - melting a ramekin of chocolate in the microwave, this is poured in to the mould and swirled around to coat a first layer.  Leave to set, or quicken the process in the fridge before adding a second [and third, or however many you require to make the shell as thick as you wish] to thicken the chocolate layer and strengthen it ensure the chcolate wont break when removed from the mould:
Once set, a gentle tap and slight bending of the mould sides will allow the chocolate shell to be removed [hopefully, without breaking!]:
...and it really is as simple, easy and quick as that. 
Once confident in my egg-making skills, I also had a try of some different colours and flavours for an 'Eton Mess'-themed egg - strawberry and white chocolate:
Half the mould coated in each flavour, with the middles joining in a slightly-designed wave of chocolate:
Create as many halves as you require and once complete, you can start thinking about the fillings.  The smaller moulds came in to play for this - completely inspired by the amazing Hotel Chocolat mini filled eggs - the halves were created in much the same way - coating a few times with chocolate, leaving to set and then removing from the moulds in a range of flavoured chocolates:
I then filled some of the chocolate egg halves with Nutella and hazlenuts, and sealed together.  If you want a seamless joining for two halves, pop a baking tray in the oven for a few minutes to heat up, place the egg half on the tray to melt the edges and then join to another half to fuse together [dont forget to add any fillings first!]
...for these smaller eggs, the Nutella acted as a glue to keep two halves together and were added to the first egg half to create a toffe, caramel and nut themed egg: keep everything in place and not spill or fall to the centre, I coated the inside of the egg with a little melted chocolate to fuse the seperate treats - toffee and caramel chunks, caramel eggs, chocolate drops and the mini hazlenut and nutella eggs:
The strawberry and white chocolate 'mess' was filled with pastel mini eggs, white chocolate mini handmade eggs, white chocolate drops and strawberry fruit pastilles:
Finally - for the chocolate fan that can't decide - a little bit of EVERYTHING:
Whatever you want, fill them up:
see you next time x
*P.S - I wont really be eating all of these by myself - though inside I really, really want to.