Monday, 28 July 2014

Fimo Stationery Toppers

Fimo experiments Part 2 - let's give it another go on a smaller scale and fuel the stationery addiction in the process. Winning.

What I Used:
Stamp Set
Icing Nozzle
Roller / Board

There have been some fab magnetic DIY fimo-type word projects in blog land recently [one of my faves is this], so the project I had of a similar theme was slightly modified in favour of this - fimo letter stamps for stationery toppers.  Here's how I made them.
I started by rolling a small round of fimo in to around .5cm thickness:
I then used an old icing nozzle to create my rounds:
...before stamping each round with a letter - pressing fairly firmly and not minding at all about the
 stamp imprints [you may know from this project and this, I'm all about it really]:
If I could offer any tips, it would be that I'd top the board with a sheet of baking paper as this 
will make removing the fimo 100% easier.  Trying to remove the rolled fimo from the 
wooden board altered the 'roundness' and, for one, caused this:
You can easily just make another, but still - learn from my mistakes and make it all a little easier.

Add your fimo pieces to a baking tray and bake in a google average 150 degree oven for 15/20 minutes:
Whilst they're baking, get your stationery supplies ready.  I went for paperclips, pins and magnets, which I was going to fix in place with my trusty glue gun [you can read a love letter to my glue gun here]:
Once the fimo had baked and been left to cool, I could get gluing.
A little hot glue and everything could be attached to the backs of the fimo alphabet pieces quickly:
...ready to be used:
Please don't mind my headless friends, no prizes for photoshop on this blog, I'm afraid.
Easy to personalise, mix colours and styles - pretty up your stationery in an hour.
see you next time x

Friday, 25 July 2014

Shrinkies Plastic Feather Keyring

A few weeks ago I posted a pleather feather keyring DIY and after experimenting with Shrinkies in a 90s craft blast from the past, I decided to fuse the two together and see how it worked out [clue: it sort of did but by accident].

What I Used:
Shrinkies Clear Plastic
HolePunch / Scissors
Needle / Thread

 I used a feather template originally created for this post to draw my feathers, but you can create 
your own free-hand or with a printed image, or be a Shrinkies ninja and draw straight on to the
 plastic with no help.
Once your outlines have been drawn, you can turn the plastic over and get on with the detail.
This was where I wished I had the white plastic for this project, as the gold-toned Sharpies I have don’t transfer particularly well on to the clear plastic, so my colours were limited to brown, with a little detail added with colour blocks.  Don’t forget that the plastic will shrink up to 7 times smaller, so although it may not seem particularly detailed, it will all shrink together nicely:
Remembering my cutting problems from my previous experiment, I was generous with the 
outline and tried to keep the lines as smooth as possible:
I also created attachments for the feathers, using a hole-punch at the ends so that they could be
 easily threaded afterwards………….
….before transferring the feathers to a lined baking tray and popping in the oven at 170 degrees:
I completely missed the process during my experiment, so set up camp on the floor by the oven, British Bake Off-style, and watched the feathers twist, turn and curl [as expected]……..
……and then not uncurl.  
Definitely not supposed to happen:
I took them out as quickly as I could and tried to flatten the plastic out – which worked a little, 
but there were still obvious kinks.  There was also a little ink transfer at either end:
I put them back in the oven to see if it would help flatten the plastic further, but it tended to 
continue to curl, so I admitted defeat and turned the oven off.  I tried placing a sheet of foil on top, 
with a heavy dish to prevent further curling and left the plastic to cool.  

Flattening with a dish worked much better than I though and unintentionally, the curves gave the feathers some detail and the ink transfer was not as noticeable as I originally thought:
To transform this all in to a keyring, I used embroidery thread to attach the feathers [for now], but I think I might replace this with cord, or plait the floss to add a bit more detail:
I varied the length of the thread for each feather:
...and attached them with a finding:
Ready for my keys:

P.S – if you have any idea why the feathers didn’t uncurl, please let me know!
P.P.S - make a whole bunch of these in brighter Sharpies and how excellent would they
 look for this DIY?!
Have a fab weekend - see you next time x

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Review: Glue Gun

Hello!  Today’s post is a little different than the usual DIY and I hope useful, as today I’m blogging glue guns.  I’m a believer [and still am] that you don’t need electrical equipment, tools and gadgets to be creative, but this small investment has not only saved me time, it’s added strength and saved many a project that otherwise would have been abandoned.

Friday, 18 July 2014